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Get involved in downtown redevelopment — December 8

Posted by Fairfax City Citizens on December 3, 2009

Next Tuesday Fairfax City Councilmembers will be discussing the future of George Mason Square in Old Town. George Mason Square is the parcel between Old Lee Highway and University Drive along North Street. The city now owns all this land and is planning a long-overdue facelift.

The work session will be Monday at 5:30 at City Hall. The City Council is not taking public comments at this point. But if you go to the work session you’ll learn what they are considering and have a better opportunity to shape the final plan.

Can you imagine how nice it would be if this mish-mash of parking lots became a central meeting area with benches, bike racks and attractive stores fronting Old Lee and North?


One Response to “Get involved in downtown redevelopment — December 8”

  1. phil leeds said

    Gee the City of Fairfax has done such a wonderful job with their redevelopment plans, but I kid. The downtown redevelopment doesn’t seem to be taking off and wasn’t doing great even before the economy went blooey. Seems crazy to redo all the schools, build a new police station,which will now be blocked from view by the arts center, redo City Hall and not find itself in big financial problems. What’s the tax rate in the City these days.

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