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Getting to the parking lot

Posted by Fairfax City Citizens on November 23, 2009

In-street crosswalk sign at Fair City Mall

Even people who drive for every trip have to cross the street. The motorists cum pedestrians at Fair City Mall now have a safer route to and from the parking lot thanks to the in-street crosswalk signs installed on the mall’s main internal street.

Weekend foot and car traffic is heavy on this street, and getting heavier as the mall brings in popular new stores such as Best Buy. In-street crosswalk signs are very effective in getting motorists to follow the law and yield to pedestrians at unsignalized crosswalks on neighborhood and other smaller streets. The city and the mall made a good move.

This will hopefully lead to the signs being installed at key crosswalks on the city’s public streets. The city has many trail crossings that get a lot of pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The crosswalk at Sager Avenue near Providence Square Condominiums is one example. These would be good candidates for in-street signs.


6 Responses to “Getting to the parking lot”

  1. Cory said

    Now if only some overarching plan could unite the three disparate malls that together make up Fair City Mall.

  2. Douglas Stewart said

    Don’t hold your breath. The malls are doing too well, notwithstanding the vacant Giant. I think the shopping centers on Kamp Washington will be redeveloped earlier. Jermantown Plaza and the Bloom Shopping Center are really struggling. As will the Fairfax Shopping Center on 50.

  3. Canaan said

    I hope either the current owner or next developer would upgrade some of these parking lot lanes into actual streets. Some of these (like Willard rd. in the City of Fairfax with the safeway) would do well as an actual street and could create some more connectivity around the area.

  4. suburbanista said

    That’s a great point. You may be aware that University Mall is applying for a rezoning. That would be another good place to open up the interior street and make it a public street connecting 123 and Roanoke River Drive. I’ve talked with the Fairfax County planner about this. While they are looking at some pedestrian/bike improvements this is not yet one of them. Let me know if you’d like contact info for the planner. douglas_stewart@verizon.net

  5. Canaan said

    I would. I’ll email you, there are a couple points around there that could definitely use a tweak or two and more connectivity and less congestion. I think I might try to talk to GMU about creating a link between university dr. and the intermural fields and braddock road.

  6. phil leeds said

    Without some heavy complaints the redoing of the parking lot at Fairfax City Mall eliminated a number of handicapped parking spaces. A campaign had to be launced to get the handicap parking spaces back.

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